Jason Anderson

Senior Interactive Developer, Pivotal Communications

“Brian is a dedicated, focused, and hard-working individual with a keen eye for detail. He’s a brilliant motion graphics designer and a skilled web designer with a good understanding of basic web programming principles.”

Patrick Anderson

Executive Vice President, Central Region, Area 2, Boy Scouts of America

“Brian provided web design for both a business where I worked as well as a non-profit where I served on the Board. His designs were very professional and eye-catching. He delivered quality results, on-time and at a reasonable price.”
Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Michael Betz

President & Co-Owner, ImageStream Creative Communications

“ImageStream is extremely pleased with our collaboration with Hunt Creative. Brian consistently finds just the right approach to take a project to the level beyond. He consistently creates compelling art – sometimes within ridiculously short timelines – thanks to his mastery of multiple software applications. Hunt Creative extends the creative capabilities we can offer to our clients. We have come to rely on his creative direction and consider him a valuable part of the ImageStream team.”

Rob Colwell

Account Representative, River Run Press

“Brian is a very detail-oriented Graphic / Multimedia Designer. I’ve worked with Brian on several occasions with tight deadlines and he always comes through, without missing a single detail!”

Brad Deneau

Senior Marketing Manager, Stryker EMS

“We worked with Brian as a Client-Customer relationship as he is the designer for our ad agency. Brian has always completed creative solutions for our needs with integrity. Great results from Brian!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Bradley Egen

Owner [Director/Producer], FGP, Inc. (MotionPossible)

“I worked with Brian Hunt on many video, multimedia projects and live event productions. Mr. Hunt has an uncanny ability to remain “cool under pressure” (especially during live show pressure).
He’s got a clever sense of dry humor that translates into his work. He’s a creative individual with a multi-faceted set of skills.”

Chad Goodwill

Relationship Manager, Pivotal Communications

“I had the privilege of working with Brian at Pivotal Communications. Brian and I worked closely in the process of developing concepts and designing the end products for clients. Brian has a brilliant design sense and interacts well with clients in finding a solution that is functional, productive and creative. He is a great person to work with and brings both energy and focus to the table. I would highly recommend him.”

Gregory Gronbacher

Strategic Communications Director, Summit Training Source, Inc.

“Brian Hunt arrived at Summit Training Source and immediately began improving the quality and effectiveness of our multimedia training programs. Applying his impressive creative and technology talents, Brian augmented the graphic content and interactivity of each program, resulting in marked customer satisfaction and greater sales. His contribution was invaluable.
Brian is hard working and an excellent team player. His work is cutting-edge and always contributes to advancing business objectives and strategies. The phrase that best summarizes Brian’s creative abilities is – “top-notch.”

Scott Millen

VP, Creative Director, Pivotal Communications

“Brian is a meticulous, thoughtful and resourceful graphic designer, motion graphics designer, part-time video editor, web graphics producer, html editor and all around swell fella. Did I mention that his capabilities are broad and deep? The right guy for the right problem, EVERY TIME.”

Alan Rosas

Senior Writer, Pivotal Communications

“Brian is a marvelous designer with a deep understanding of client needs. His solutions are always breathtaking and at the first showing of his multimedia work on screen, the room erupts in applause – even by his colleagues who saw the work in development. He’s fast. He’s smart. He’s loyal. He’s multi-talented at print, web and video – a one man band who knows all the tunes.”

John Sadowski

CEO, Pivotal Communications

“Brian Hunt is a Swiss army knife of graphics and design. I first met Brian when he provided services to my company as a freelance talent in 2004 working on a series of PowerPoint modules. We were so impressed with him that we hired him on staff at the earliest opportunity.
Since that time, Brian has been the go-to guy for presentations, print, video editing, audio editing, DVD authoring, web graphics and motion graphics. Brian Hunt is a Swiss army knife, the kind that makes survival possible. I continue to be amazed at the quality of output Brian produces even when faced with project assignments that have no comparables in his background.
Beyond his versatile skill set is a design sense that is remarkable. His design and taste are such that our clients often accept first round concepts without revision. Some of the best work Pivotal Communications has produced has Brian Hunt’s name behind it.
Brian’s personal traits are among his greatest strengths. He is a diligent worker. He is thoughtful in his approach to creative problems. He likes to take it all in, consider the variables, and then create what often proves to be the perfect solution. Brian is a team player, yet can work independently toward a goal. He adapts well to other people and is an excellent listener.
Brian has a quiet, reserved nature. Yet when he speaks, he says things that are important. He also has one of the funniest and most insightful wits I have ever experienced.”

Chris Sizemore

Executive Director at Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo

“Brian quietly goes about his business and is always coming up with new and fresh designs and ideas for us. He is always on time with the work and it’s of the highest quality.”
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative

Becky Lussier-Tardy

VP, Director of Relationship Management, Pivotal Communications

“Brian is a proven performer and certainly someone you can rely on. One of the backbones of the creative department, Brian provided creative and successful work to meet the needs of all of our clients. He is quiet but mighty with a great sense of humor.”

Nate Walkingshaw

Entrepreneur, Inventor

“I have worked with Brian on several projects. His attention to detail, communication skills, and design talents are best in class. Always a pleasure to work with. Honest and hard working its a pleasure to recommend Brian.”
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

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